Nissan Patrol GU Wagon Neoprene Rear Rows Seat Covers (Coming Soon)

Stitching colour: Black
Sale price$299



Comfortable and durable covers that are tailor made to fit your exact model of Nissan Patrol GU.

Protect your interior from mud, rain and general wear and tear. Suitable for everything from adventure holidays to family getaways with the pets and everything in-between.
Current supported Nissan Patrol GU models:

Current supported Nissan Patrol GU models:
Y61 GU Wagon (2001 - 2012) Series 2, 3, 4

 Supports dual cab & wagon variants.
This includes covers for rear bench seats including headrests.
 Made from Genuine Sakimotto Neoprene: Soft, comfortable and stylish. Our neoprene is UV resistant, form fitting and easy to clean. Perfect for protecting against every day wear and tear, preserving the seats underneath and improving comfort.
Customise your covers further by choosing your own stitching colour:
Colours currently available for stitching are: White, Charcoal and Black

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