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Pajero V80 (Nov 2006 - Current)

Pajero V80 (Nov 2006 - Current)

(Nov 2006 - Current)

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Razorback's premium neoprene has caused waves in the Australian 4x4 community. Hardy, comfortable and stunning to look at, you won't find a better seat cover product in Australia.


Razorback's hallmark product. Australians everywhere love standard neoprene for it's waterproof material, comfy rubber backing and form fitting design. If you're touring or just need to protect your seats, this is the product for you.

  • Mitsubishi Pajero V80 Premium Neoprene 2x Front Row Seat Covers (Made to Order)-Razorback 4x4
    Made To Order
    from $549.00
    7 stitching colours available

    Custom Made Premium Covers Tailor Made to Fit Your Pajero V80 You won't find covers of this quality, technicality and style anywhere on the Austra...

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  • Mitsubishi Pajero V80 Neoprene 2x front row seat covers (Made to Order)-Razorback 4x4
    Made To Order
    1 stitching colours available

    Comfortable and Durable Covers Tailor Made to Fit Your Pajero V80 Made from Genuine Sakimotto Neoprene: Soft, comfortable and stylish. Our neopren...

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  • Razorback Neoprene Steering Wheel Cover (Universal)-Razorback 4x4
    Stock Ready
    from $39.00
    5 stitching colours available

    Razorback's Premium Universal Steering Wheel Cover Our premium steering wheel covers are the ultimate accessory for your vehicle providing superior...

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