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About Us

Over the past 5 years, Razorback 4x4’s manufacturing facility has quickly become one of the leading manufacturers of neoprene seat covers to the auto industry in Australia.

We’re one of the few companies who manufacture neoprene products to both Japanese & American Automotive Standards, and the only company to use neoprene that passes OEM level fogging tests.

This means that our covers won't give off noxious fumes and are safe to have in your car for extended periods of time.


Sakimotto Neoprene:

Made from an OEM grade neoprene, our seat covers are stylish, comfortable, durable and free from VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), which are harmful to the environment and car occupants. Razorback 4x4 covers are made on the same production lines that make accessories for some of the biggest car companies in Australia, so you know you are getting a premium product when you choose us. 



- UV protection: tested to OEM spec

- Form-fitting to the original seat contours and curves

- Soft and comfortable without sacrificing style and looks

- Easy to clean: just wipe off dirt or use a washing machine on a cold normal cycle

- Airbag compatible: fully tested at an certified local facility in Australia to ADR standards


Oeko-tex Canvas

Our canvas covers are designed for comfort as well as durability, ensuring that the value of your vehicle is preserved. Our covers are heavy duty and will stand up to anything you put them through, perfect for tradies, adventure holiday enthusiasts or even those with messy families. Our covers are easy to clean and will ensure your upholstery is protected through even the dirtiest and toughest conditions.



- Protects upholstery: heavy duty product designed to withstand the wear and tear of life

- Cool, breathable and comfortable: significantly less hot than your standard leather or vinyl seats, perfect for the hot Aussie summer.

- Easy to clean: Simple wipe them off or throw them in for a gentle cold wash.

- Airbag compatible: All covers have an airbag seam designed to tear once an airbag is deployed in case of an accident.

- Anti-bacterial: Our covers are suited to the messier things in life, like kids, pets, off-roading or a worksite. And are resistant to mold and bacteria.


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