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Proper Use Policy

At Razorback 4x4, our products are tailor-made and designed to be tough and withstand quite a beating. That being said, our products aren’t indestructible. Following the proper use policies will ensure your products last longer than your off roading beast.

  • Ensure you have purchased the correct cover to fit your seat
  • Do not expose to naked flames
  • Do not use any sharp objects on the seats, this includes knifes, screws, velcro etc.
  • Do not spray chemicals or solvents on the covers
  • Do not apply glue to the covers
  • Ensure you follow the fitting instructions correctly
  • All Razorback 4x4 seat covers come with a certified Airbag seam that must be placed correctly to ensure the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

For any maintenance and cleaning information, please follow the Safety and Maintenance Document provided with you order or find it online here