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Benefits of RB Seat Covers

Whether you've just walked off the lot with a brand new 4WD, or you're still squeezing the last life out of your reliable old rig, there are many great reasons to get some RB seat covers in there!

While there are many seat cover companies touting theirs as the best out there, we like to let our product speak for itself - there really is no substitute for the OEM-grade materials we use!

Here are a few main benefits to using a properly tailored, premium quality cover in your 4WD:

A new ride is a huge investment from both a financial and personal sense, so the last thing you want to have to worry about is a spilled coffee, or a small and/or furry member of the family making a mess in the back!

Enjoy all the good things about your new ride, with peace of mind that your interior is in good hands.

Plus, because our covers are tailored to fit like a second skin, you don't need to sacrifice aesthetics either!

We recommend our neoprene for leather seats, because it will grip on firmly when you're sitting on them to prevent any scuffing or wear on the leather itself.


The seat is the most used part of your 4WD, and those things will rack up a decent amount of their own KM's over the years!

RB seat covers improve the comfort of sitting on old seats, with an extra layer of cushioning and support for your back, hips, and thighs. This is especially important for long drives or bumpy terrain, where the extra cushioning can help reduce fatigue and discomfort.

Seat covers are a cost-effective way to maintain the re-sale value of your old rig, preventing seat damage from further use down the track.

Plus - they look damn good! It's a perfect excuse to transform the old interior with 
a modern, clean and sharp look. Even RB's standard neoprene can do wonders for your 4WD.
What good would a premium seat cover be if it didn't look the part?
Every 4WD has its own personality, which is why we've got multiple materials, plenty of stitching colour options and even custom embroidery to protect your seats in complete style.

Whether you want a sleek and minimalist look, or you want to turn heads with your own text or logo on there, we've got you (we can help you decide if you're unsure too!).
Overall, properly tailored, premium quality seat covers are a smart investment for any 4WD owner. They can protect your seats, enhance the look and feel of your vehicle, improve your comfort, and maintain its value.

And when it comes to Razorback 4x4 specifically, there really is no equal out there - check out reviews from thousands of our stoked customers for yourself!