Why choose Razorback to cover your vehicle?

OEM Quality Materials  │   Certified Engineered Airbag Seams   │   Multi Year Warranties   │   30 Day Money Back Guarantee   │   Next Day Shipping On All Standard Orders   │   12oz Canvas   │   Genuine Sakimotto Neoprene   │   Full Back Design & Map Pocket Standard

Sakimotto neoprene

An overview/what is it? Sakimotto neoprene is a proprietary blend of fibres, dyes and materials that is designed, sourced and controlled from the ground up until the finished product.
How does it compare to the competitors? Sakimotto neoprene is a 30% rubber blend, while our competition has an average of 10-15%. This gives our neoprene its stretch, while being more form fitting and comfortable.

Razorback canvas is a heavy duty, 12 ounce polycotton designed to survive the harsh Australian outback without cracking or fading. It has been designed and created with rugged 4x4ing and offroading in mind, and is well suited to agriculture and farming in addition to recreation.
How good is it? Our canvas has passed more than 40 tests in independent labs for things such as colour fastness, water resistance, tear strength, water immersion shrinkage and more!
At Razorback, we believe in our products and back them with great warranties to show just how much trust we have in the product. We offer a 2-year warranty on our neoprene covers, a 3 year warranty on our canvas and even a 3 year warranty on our premium neoprene covers!

Airbag seam

Unlike many competitors on the market, Razorback use a fully engineered airbag seam on all of our covers! This seam uses a special thread at a different tensile strength, designed to break and allow the airbag to deploy unimpeded in the event of a collision.


Made in an OEM Facility
All Razorback seat covers are made in a world class OEM (original equipment manufacturer) facility that manufactures seat covers and accessories for some of the biggest car companies in the world!
The facility also makes tents and swags and various 4x4 canvas and lifestyle products. Recently, with this global crisis, the factory had converted a large part of their production to the manufacturing of facemasks and other PPE products, for some huge Australian and international companies.
ISO certification
Razorback’s manufacturing facility has the ISO900:1 certification, meaning it matches and exceeds international standards in quality management systems.
What this means for the customer is that every product off our production line has the same level of care, quality control and testing applied to it! A Hilux cover that you buy and one a mate buys have both been through a rigorous checking progress, from individual panels, to the stitching, to testing the dimensions and craftsmanship on the finished goods, regardless of when they came off the production line.
This allows you to shop with confidence, knowing that it’s not a backyard trimmer sewing these covers together, but rather a state-of-the-art facility with automated CNC cutting machine and a high level of quality control.
We are so confident in our product that we even offer a 30-day money back guarantee in the event that you’re not fully satisfied with the fit or quality of your product. Please contact us at info@razorback4x4.com.au if needed.

Test specs

    Razorback seat covers are tested to international automotive standards, including Toyota and other proprietary automotive and textile standards.
    We hold ourselves to these very strict standards in everything we do and everything we make, allowing us to bring out the highest quality products with confidence.