Hyundai iLoad Premium Neoprene Bucket & 3/4 Bench Front Row Seat Covers (Made to Order)

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Stitching Colour: Orange
Logo Type: Razorback4x4 (Silver)
Sale price$499 Regular price$549


Introducing our new custom made Premium car seat covers.

Engineered using industry leading technology and materials, these premium covers are made from the highest quality of neoprene available in Australia.

You won't find covers of this quality, technicality and style anywhere on the Australian market. This truly is a Razorback 4x4 exclusive product, you will not find this anywhere else. Perfect for when you have spent time and money tricking out your cars exterior, and now want the same sense of style and luxury on the inside. 

Current supported Hyundai iLoad models:

3 Seater Van (2008 - Current)

6 Seater Van (2008 - Current)

Supports Standard Bucket seat for driver and 3/4 Bench Seat for Passenger

This includes covers for both front seats with headrests

*Custom logo embroidery available on case by case basis, contact us for info* 

Customise your covers further by choosing your own stitching colour and logo type:

Stitching colours available: orange, yellow, blue, red, charcoal, white & black

Logo Type: Razorback 4x4 (silver), RB (stitching colour matched), Razorback 4x4 (stitching colour matched), RB (silver), Custom Embroidery

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