Toyota Hilux 8th Gen Standard Neoprene Full Bundle (Front, Rear + Accessories) (Available)

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Stitching Colour: White (In Stock)
Rear Airvent: Not Included
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Comfortable and Durable Covers Tailor Made to Fit Your HiLux 8th Gen

Made from Genuine Sakimotto Neoprene: Soft, comfortable and stylish. Our neoprene is UV resistant, form fitting and easy to clean. Perfect for protecting against every day wear and tear, preserving the seats underneath and improving comfort.

Full bundle includes:
Front seat covers, rear seat covers, console organiser (Auto Only) (air vent cutout options available) and console lid
Current supported Toyota models:
HiLux MK8/Revo (AN120/130) - (2015 - 2021)

Supports dual cab variants.

Choose your own stitching colour:

Charcoal: Pre Order (3-4 week wait)
White: In-Stock (Next day dispatch)
Black: In Stock (Next day dispatch)

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