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Rig of the Month and Giveaway T&Cs

We like to give back to the community with regular giveaways on our social media platforms! Rig of the Month is our most well-known competition, which is a great way to win some awesome prizes and be a part of the fantastic 4WD community online!



Terms and Conditions

- Entrants must live in Australia or New Zealand to be eligible to win prizes. Entries may still be submitted outside of AU/NZ, but will not be eligible to win. In the case of randomly selected winners or raffle draws, Razorback 4x4 reserves the right to re-select a winner until a winner is drawn from Australia or New Zealand.


- If a winner does not have a compatible vehicle for a model-specific Razorback 4x4 prize, a prize of equal value will be offered to the winner. If the winner does not wish to receive the replacement prize, they will be issued a non-expiring e-voucher for Razorback 4x4's website which will be of equal value to the original offered prize.


- By submitting photos of personal vehicles to Razorback 4x4 as part of entry conditions, you acknowledge that they can be used on all Razorback 4x4 social media accounts and as part of any Razorback 4x4 digital marketing campaigns.

- Razorback 4x4 will not blur/hide any number plates visible in submitted photos unless specifically requested in writing by the submitter. If a request isn't sent to blue/hide the number plates in writing, Razorback 4x4 reserves the right to share that photo as is.