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Neoprene Material Informtion

Your car is your pride and joy, and we want to help you choose the very best in seat protection out there. Here’s some information on what makes our materials different to any other on the market, so you can join the Razorback family with confidence!


What makes our neoprene material so good? Well, it's a special neoprene that we've designed and sourced from the ground up using decades of textile engineering experience. It's a proprietary blend of fibres, dyes and materials that is truly unlike anything else out there!

Most other neoprene covers can only offer an average of a 10-15% rubber blend in their material, resulting in a cover that fits poorly and lacks grip on the seat. With Razorback 4x4, we boast a massive 30% rubber blend for an unmatched fit, comfort and grip.
Not only does this keep your seats from scuffing, but you won't be sliding all over the place when you’re using them. You'll probably forget they're there!

Watch Jocko break down why our neoprene is a cut above the rest:


You may notice that we offer both a standard and premium option for our neoprene covers. But what's the difference?

While our standard neoprene already offers up an elite level of protection and style, RB premium neoprene is truly in a league of its own when it comes to a 4WD seat cover.

For premium neoprene, we use heat embossing on the lumbar and cushion areas, stitch them together with a special warp-knit method, and offer extra visual customisation options on top. Nothing on the market is quite as strong, comfortable or aesthetic!

Here's an easy cheat sheet to break down the two options: